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The Sixth Extinction

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History - Elizabeth Kolbert

This is a very interesting examination of how human activities lead to the extinction of other species.


However, I knocked it down half a star from 4, which was my rating before the last two chapters. 


In one, she blames modern humans for the extinction of neanderthals, on what I would call inadequate evidence.  (This may stand out for me as I just read a history of human evolution; we don't know quite a lot.)  It's possible we did drive neanderthals to extinction; it's also possible that climate change or something else did.  We just don't know enough. 


In the other, she got a bit ranty about humans being killer apes from the first evolution of the species; not what I'd call a good ending to what was otherwise a very good book.


On the other hand, the material about the extinctions currently in progress was excellent.  So if you're interested in why amphibians are endangered, or what "white nose syndrome" is in bats, I recommend this.