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Medium Dead

Medium Dead: An Alexandra Gladstone Mystery - Paula Paul

My ARC courtesy of Alibi/Random House and Net Galley - much thanks!


I wish that when I requested this book, that there had been a note that it was the fourth in a series.  However, it seems quite readable as a solo effort. 


In Medium Dead, and yes we do have a dead medium, it's the early 1880s and Queen Victoria has gone to rural England, to the home of an earl, for a nice quiet seance while no one's looking.  Unfortunately the local medium is found dead the next day, her throat cut.  Surely it wasn't Queen Victoria who was the guilty party!


Luckily for Her Majesty, Dr. Alexandra Gladstone is on the case.  With the help of the local earl, who is sweet on her, and Nancy, her maid/housekeeper/nurse/cook, she cracks the case, which is more than I can say of the local constable, who is basically useless.


It was a fairly fast read, and I did like that our heroine gets involved in the case because of her work, not because she's a busybody.  (Which is sadly the case in many cosy mysteries.)  I also liked that there was not a hint of a love triangle to be found.


Unfortunately, the characters are rather flat, no one except the royal physician (and he's a pompous blowhard whom no one else likes) seems to have a problem with the fact that the local doctor is a woman who apparently didn't attend medical school, and the mystery element is a bit lacking.  If someone is acting suspicious or strange, yeah, they probably had some part in it.  Also: an earl who is a barrister by day and picks locks in his spare time ("I picked it up from a client") - almost as improbable as a female doctor who is accepted by all and sundry in 1881-ish.


I like historical mysteries, and I probably prefer cosy mysteries to hardboiled crime thrillers, and I like to think I gave this book a fair chance.  It was just kind of "eh," or I was rolling my eyes.