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Just another GR refugee.  Other than that, I had a stroke in 2004, and read almost anything I can get my hands on, though I have a particular weakness for history, mystery, and historical fiction.

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To Kingdom Come

To Kingdom Come - Will Thomas

Another fun read, featuring guest appearances from Charles Parnell and William Butler Yeats.  This time our private detectives personal enquiry agents, Barker and Llewellyn, are on the track of Irish radicals, out to bomb the British royal family (and most of London) "to kingdom come."


This involves Barker impersonating an irascible German bomb expert, and Llewellyn his Welsh anarchist assistant bomb-maker-in-training.


Like I said, another fun read.


(Btw, the bombing of Scotland Yard, and of the Rising Sun pub across the street, by the Irish Republican Brotherhood, or Fenians - actually happened on May 30, 1884.)