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Pirate Hunters

Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship - Robert Kurson

My copy courtesy Random House/Net Galley - much thanks!


Pirate Hunters covers both the search for a pirate flagship from the "golden age of piracy" (roughly 1650-1720), sunk off of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean in 1686, and the pasts of both the main searchers (from Vietnam to the fringes of the mafia), and the lives of the pirates.


The ship searched for is the Golden Fleece, the ship of Joseph Bannister, who surprisingly turned pirate, stealing the ship of which he was captain, after a distinguished career in the British merchant navy.  The Royal Navy caught him once, but he escaped and turned pirate again, and the second time they went after him loaded for bear - two frigates, which both out-manned and out-gunned him, were sent after him.


He fought them off, astonishingly enough, though he lost his ship in the process.


Appropriately enough, I was reading this on Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I'd say "Arr!"


Except that apparently pirates didn't say "Arr!"


So here, have a parrot.  Pirates did have parrots.