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The Paper Magician

The Paper Magician - Charlie N. Holmberg

This novel was an entertaining way of spending a day locked indoors (it was so hot earlier this afternoon you couldn't breathe outside).


Ceony Twill, despite graduating top of her class at her magicians' academy, isn't allowed to pick her discipline of magic.  She longs to work magic with metal, but is told that there are so few practitioners of paper magic left working in Britain (only twelve), that her field has been chosen for her: she will become a paper magician.


And so she is brought to study under a master magician in paper, Emery Thane.  After being scared nearly to death by his butler (an animated paper skeleton), she finds that he is kind, if very odd.


And then she learns someone, another magician - a Excisioner, who works with the forbidden blood magic - is out to kill him.


I  believe there are two sequels, but from the reviews I think I am happy leaving this series here.  The ending of this book works quite well for me.