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Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death

Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death - James Runcie

Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death is the first volume in a historical mystery series, and became the inspiration for the TV series "Grantchester." 


Our setting: 1953-4 Britain.  The Rev. Sidney Chambers is vicar at Grantchester, and is also a fellow at a Cambridge college (Grantchester is very near the great university town).  His passions are beer and single-malt whiskey (though he is generally offered sherry), jazz, and crime. 


The crime usually seems to find him, rather than the other way round, which is very refreshing.  He's also very much a vicar, with concerns about the spiritual health of himself, his parishioners, and society in general.  It is an interesting mixture.


It almost reads more like a series of connected short stories than anything else.  I'm using it for the Fall into a Good Book square, as about a third of it is set in the autumn.


It was a very nice read; I dithered between 3 1/2 and 4 stars.  I'd happily read another in the series.