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A Great Reckoning

A Great Reckoning - Louise Penny

A Great Reckoning is, I believe the twelfth of Louise Penny's Armand Gamache mystery novels, set in the province of Quebec.  (Crimes often occur in the environs of the strange village of Three Pines, but also in other places, such as the city of Quebec, or Montreal, for example.)


In this installment, Armand Gamache has taken a new job as Commandant of the Surete Academy of Quebec, which has become a nest of vipers and corruption.  He's fired quite a lot of the former staff, but has retained the former second-in-command, Serge Leduc, for "special treatment" - as Gamache is sure he's the source of most of the problems - if only he could prove it.  He's brought in, as his own second-in-command, his old number-two, Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Gamache has also hired an old frienemy, Michel Brebeuf, on the theory of "fighting one fire with another."  He's aware this is a highly dangerous strategy, but he keeps his fingers crossed, and his eyes open.


At the same time, a strange map has shown up in Three Pines, found in the walls of the bistro when they were renovating it.  Gamache has several cadets research it, to hone their investigative skills.  (One of them has the misfortune to be put up by Ruth Zardo, the drunken poet, and her pet duck, Rosa.)


And then a professor is murdered, and everyone at the Academy, but particularly the cadets and Gamache, come under suspicion.


I found A Great Reckoning one of the stronger titles in the series.  It also addresses why I think of a song line from the musical of Peter Pan ("It's not on any chart, you can find it in your heart") when I think of Three Pines.  Which, if not for it's murder rate, would be a delightful place to visit.


Unfortunately, that is not a moon on the cover (it's a "best-selling author" tag).  At any rate, I've done that square.  I'm using this one for "Scary Women (Authors)."