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The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln, by Sean Wilentz

The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln - Sean Wilentz

An interesting book, and an ambitious one, but flawed. 


Wilentz is seriously in love with Andrew Jackson (to the extent of trying to whitewash the "Trail of Tears" as not that bad for the Cherokee), and, to a lesser extent, Thomas Jefferson.  But obviously Jackson is his culture hero to be worshiped.


A secondary issue was that if Wilentz referred to the Democratic Party as "the Democracy" even one more time I was going to slap somebody.  (Probably either Mr. Wilentz, or his editor.)  Yes, I know it's an accurate period usage.  But used consistently over 800+ pages, it became very annoying. 


Perhaps I just expected more from a Bancroft Prize winner.  Still worth a read.