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The Ionia Sanction, by Gary Corby

The Ionia Sanction - Gary Corby

This is the second volume in the series begun with The Pericles Commission, and is set the next year, in 460 B.C. 


Nicolaus' father has refused to let him marry the girl of his choice (Diotima), who has gone off to become a priestess of Artemis at the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.  Meanwhile, the chief diplomat of Ephesus at Athens has been murdered, and Pericles sets Nicolaus to find the killer.  The quest takes him off to Ionia, the Greek-cultured province of the Persian Empire, on the west coast of what is today Turkey, which has Ephesus at its heart.We don't see much of Nicolaus' annoying little brother this time, but do get an uppity slave girl, eunuch priests, Nicolaus' quest to own a horse, Greek methods of spying, and Persian methods of execution - among other things - and I was never bored. I am enjoying this series, as it is great fun.