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Just another GR refugee.  Other than that, I had a stroke in 2004, and read almost anything I can get my hands on, though I have a particular weakness for history, mystery, and historical fiction.

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Zealot, by Reza Aslan

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth - Reza Aslan

An interesting book, though I was not necessarily convinced by all his arguments.  (I was amused at how nasty he was to Paul.)


The chief question I was left with after reading it was why there was so much zealotry, apocalypticism, and messianism floating around the holy land in the centuries before, and a century after, Jesus.  (Aslan has certainly convinced me that there was a lot of it around, if I had had any doubt.)  But why?  Resistance to the Romans?  There was plenty of it before the Romans came to the area.  Resistance to any ruler but a Jew?  There was plenty of it during the rule of Herod the Great (though how Jewish Herod was, or was seen as being, is another question).  I'd love for someone to take a crack at that question, and was disappointed Aslan didn't here.