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The Windsor Faction, by J.D. Taylor

The Windsor Faction: A Novel - D.J. Taylor

From the blurbs on this one, it looked like a historical thriller set in an alternate history (Edward VIII is still king in 1939, as war with Germany starts).  That looked like a fun read.  Unfortunately, it only turned into an attempt at a thriller at the very end of the book.


Mostly it was a slowly-paced literary novel about a nebulous wet mess of a girl whom I neither liked or cared two cents about what happened to her. 


If I had known that Taylor's been nominated for the Booker (for something else), I might have been expecting "literary fiction" and not "thriller," but frankly, his publisher was doing him no favors with that blurb.


In the main, I was mostly bored, with doses of "and her motivation is what exactly?"


I can't honestly recommend this one, but it gets 2 1/2 stars because Taylor can indeed write; he just wasn't taking me anywhere I was interested in going.