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Cleopatra's Daughter

Cleopatra's Daughter - Michelle Moran

A slight whiff of YA - probably because the narrator, Cleopatra's daughter Selene - is an adolescent - but an enjoyable read.  Good historical accuracy, from what I could see.


Octavian/Augustus is the cool political operator, Livia a stone-cold bitch, Julia a flighty but beautiful teenager, Marcellus the golden boy, Tiberius the would-be general, Octavia endlessly kind, Agrippa unfailingly loyal, Juba brave, Alexander (Selene's twin) the lover of horses, while the younger children (familiar to those who have read I, Claudius), Drusus ("Germanicus"), Tonia ("Antonia") and Vipsania are all mostly mentioned in passing.


Slavery, and how Rome deals with it, are a constant thread throughout the novel, and, I thought, well-handled.


Also there are both an author's note, and a glossary of period terms.  Bonus points for that.


If I had a teenaged daughter, I'd happily suggest this novel.